Group Disability Income Insurance

Help protect your plans for the future.

If a disabling illness or injury prevents you from working, will you and your family be able to keep up with the mortgage payment, bills, and everyday expenses? Without your income, would your savings and retirement plans take a hit?

Help protect your personal assets with an NSPE Group Disability Income Insurance Plan designed for your personal needs.

  • Two plan options
  • Choice of waiting periods before benefits begin: 30, 60, 90, or 180 days
  • Total monthly coverage up to $7,500 (based on age at issue and annual income)
  • Rehabilitation benefit
  • Waiver of premium
  • Survivor income benefit
  • And much more!

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The NSPE Group Disability Income Insurance Plan is underwritten by the New York Life Insurance Company, 51 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10010 under Group Policy No. G-30226-0 on Policy Forms GMR-FACE/G-30226-0. The complete description of the NSPE Group Disability Income Insurance Plan is contained in the Certificate of Insurance, including features, costs, eligibility, renewability, limitations, and exclusions.

New York Life is licensed/authorized to transact business in all of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Canada. However, not all group plans it underwrites are available in all jurisdictions. Please check the applicable insurance brochures for current availability. New York Life's state of domicile is New York, and NAIC ID # is 66915.



Who is eligible for this insurance?

If you are an NSPE member who is under age 60, actively at work at least 30 hours a week, and not on active duty in the military, you are eligible to apply.

How much insurance can I request?

Benefits under Plan C and Plan D are subject to these maximum amounts.

  • If you are under age 50, you may receive up to $7,500 per month in disability benefits
  • If you are age 50-54, you may receive up to $4,000 per month in disability benefits
  • If you are age 55-59, you may receive up to $2,000 per month in disability benefits

What counts as a disability?

Total disability means a disability which:

  • during the waiting period and the first 60 months that total disability benefits are payable, wholly and continuously prevents an insured person from performing the substantial and material duties of his or her usual occupation; and
  • after that, wholly and continuously prevents an insured person from engaging in any and every occupation or employment for which he or she is reasonably suited by training, education, or experience.

What should I count as my pre-disability income?

Pre-disability income is your average net monthly earnings for the 12-month or 24-month period prior to onset of disability, whichever is higher.

Where do I find my rates?

Please visit the Apply Now section and download the brochure for more details, including premium rates.

Are there any exclusions to this plan?

Yes, there are some exclusions and limitations. Please review the brochure for complete information on what the policy will not cover.